Green Water Co., Ltd including are professional in water treatment and environment. Green Water field action in supply the solution for supply water treatment, clean water, waste water and cleaning the industry system.


Human development, working together to make a life no pollution, environment-friendly and oriented to future generations.


Construction Green Water becam a service supplier have practical value in the field of water treatment, towards a clean environment in Vietnam.

Develop friendly working environment, facilitates for human development, honoring the creative, interested spirit and towards possitive thinking.


Providing solution and reasonable prices.

Woking in dedicated and professional.

Bring the greatest adđe value to customers.

Commitment to quality and customer service

Always provide the best solutions for customers in the field of water treatment.

Satisfactorily Responding all reasonable requirements of the customer with the fastest time in scope and responsibility.

Always put the honor, prestige, the enthusiasm first.

Culture of Green Water

Honor and reputation is the foundation.

Sharing experiences, creative thinking and learning efforts to upgrade generation.

Respect, solidarity and mutual assistance and development.

Accompanying with clients from the most difficult times.

Not afraid of difficulties and challenges.

Community-oriented and future.